• £1,950.00

M & C Wilkinson have used modern technology and improved components to develop a pressure sensitive power rack and pinion system to enhance our original already successful engine driven pump system. The advantages of using an electric powered pump unit are quicker and simpler installation and a much better feel to the steering, giving a more positive feedback. They offer the performance and reliability expected of modern cars today. This is due to the combined electronic and hydraulic sensing circuits built into the system, which supply just the right amount of hydraulic pressure needed by the steering rack to manoeuvre the vehicle under all conditions.

There are some other alterations required in order to fit this unit, in that the Dynamo and Voltage Regulator have to be removed and replaced by a high output Alternator, which is essential in the days of alarms, electronic ignition and high output sound systems. In order to do this the vehicle polarity has to be changed from Positive to Negative Earth. This will entail having to disconnect the electric clock as this is for Positive earth use only, and a check on the fuel pump to ascertain whether it has a later Positive Earth only unit fitted.

All our kits include all parts and fittings required along with detailed instructions of how exactly to fit the kit. Please contact us for any further information you may require as we can email the full fitting instructions.

  • XK140
  • XK150 & XK150S

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