• £1,950.71

When it comes to choosing your Classic Jaguar trim parts it’s not a decision to be taken lightly if you want to retain your car’s investment value.

We supply trim that our manufacturer has been producing for over 30 years and they are the leading supplier of the most authentic trim available. Trim items are manufactured to the original specifications including wool carpet, furflex, vinyls, hardura, seat diaphragms, foam seat cushions, pvc extrusions and plastic injection mouldings. All our trim kits are manufactured in the UK.

This kit comprises the following

Underfelt kit (7 pieces), Carpet set (10 pieces), Carpet stud set, Underdash harduras (set of 3), A post harduras, Inner sill kit covers (vinyl & foam), Pair of leather seat covers, Centre console kit, Door panels including vinyl to re-cover door cappings, Underseat harduras, Lower rear bulkhead (moquette or vinyl), Rear bulkhead hardura, Wheel arch covers (moquette or vinyl), Interior light cover panels, Rear cover panels, Side cover panels, Rebate closing panels (door slam panels), Panel fixing clips, 1/2 mtr vinyl to re-cover miscellaneous parts, Bootmat hardura (biscuit), Rear boot back hardura & insulation (biscuit), Bootside panels (biscuit).

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